A Bluegrass Tribute to Audioslave

  1. Show Me How to Live
  2. Hypnotize
  3. Shadow on the Sun
  4. Exploder
  5. Gasoline
  6. Like a Stone
  7. Dandelion
  8. Be Yourself
  9. Cochise
  10. I Am the Highway
(Out of print)

In August of 2006 I was hired by Calvin Records to put together a Bluegrass Tribute to Audioslave. This meant that I got to translate 10 of Audioslave's songs into progressive bluegrass music.

In addition to providing me with a unique challenge as a producer and arranger, this project gave me a wonderful chance to polish my bluegrass chops again. I got to play guitar, banjo, bass, and rhythm mandolin. I also ended up singing all but two of the backup vocal parts.

My good friend and former bandmate Nathan Wilson played fiddle and lead mandolin, and also sang tenor on Show Me How to Live. The lead vocals were quite capably handled by Derek Johnson of The High 48s.

Unfortunately, Calvin Records no longer exists, so I am unable to get additional copies of this project. If you are particularly interested, you may still be able to purchase the CD through Amazon.com, or other retailers, who still have limited inventory of this project. The project may also be available through iTunes.

- Benji Flaming